November 14, 2011

ashley + mark: a wagner vineyard wedding

I knew that I was going to enjoy Ashley & Mark’s wedding when I convinced them to climb a fence to enter the realm of the killer swans at Wagner Vineyards when we met there to have a look around and to sample some of Wagner’s finest! Yet again the weather was awesome (we’ve been really lucky this year) and everything went off without a hitch! Ginny and the staff at Wagner did a fantastic job with the venue and Dave Hanlon’s Cookbook kept the entertainment level high! Ashley & Mark’s guests cranked out a record setting 428 photobooth photos thereby beating out every other wedding this year by at least 2:1!! Now I would be remiss if I did not mention what a great job Ashley did with all of the flowers and centerpieces! She is so crafty!!!

Makeup – (the always awesome) A-List Artistry

Hair – (the always fabulous) Tiffany Dewald

Second Photographer: Lauren Spinelli

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  1. Beautiful, as always. You have such a way of capturing the essence of a couple. A true gift 🙂

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