love floats (I hope)!

When Sarah told me that she & Chase were getting married on the river I didn’t think much of it because I shoot a lot weddings on the St. Lawrence. Little did I realize that when they said “on the river” they meant on “on the river!” as on a barge (which later became known as the Love Boat).

Sarah & Chase met on the river while working and spending their summers at the Minna Anthony Common Nature Center, however life being what it is began pulling them apart. But they weren’t having any of that, Chase moved to NYC so that they could be together (good move Chase!) & this is where the next chapter of their story began.

Both families (and friends) put a lot of time and effort into making this most beautiful barge on the St. Lawrence and their efforts paid off. Now with all of the planning and work that goes into an event like this failure (ie; rain) is not an option, we were getting married on the water. The plan was for all of the guests to attend by boat, essentially creating a flotilla of family and friends but the forecast didn’t look great that day. It was going to take more than just a little rain to stop us. Sarah’s dad was delivering her to the ceremony in a small outboard closely following behind me in the “chase boat” so that I could get some shots of them on the water. Well her dad was a little more determined than that, which resulted in some great images.

All in all it was a great day!
Many thanks to Sarah & Chase for allowing me to part of their most special day, I was truly honored.

I also have to give a huge shout out to my awesome friend Tammy Swales who tagged along with me! I wouldn’t have blamed her if she backed out especially after I told her that she would be in a tiny little boat in the middle of the river & that she would have to check herself for deer ticks once she got home. Thanks again T!!!

Band: The Critics
Tent: Party Rentals

Only the cool people got buttons (I still have mine)!

You can keep your limos, this is how we float!

First look!

How do you get to your wedding?

Tammy rocking the details!
Tammy Swales Photography
yet again (I really dug the fishing lure)
Tammy Swales Photography
Is Sarah a knockout or what? I loved her dress!

Stowaway (I’ll do just about anything for my clients).
Tammy Swales Photography
This is hands down one of my most favorite images, ever.

amanda + tom (+ kylie too)

The weather this “summer” has been odd at best, some days it’s beautiful and others cold & rainy. On Amanda & Tom’s wedding day it was beautiful (as long as you stayed in the sun). Belhurst Castle on Geneva Lake was the venue of choice and it’s easy to see why Belhurst was voted as “One of the Most Romantic Places in New York State.” Amanda & Tom’s beautiful little girl Kylie was a flower girl (she also assisted me during their engagement session). She did such a great job that I asked her to bring her camera to the wedding just in case I needed some back up. Many thanks to my very good friend John Larkin for helping me out!!

Florist: Sandy’s Floral Gallery
Venue: Belhurst Castle
DJ: Q Music Productions

Amanda & Tom’s gallery can be seen here (the password is Amanda’s maiden name).

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